This test shall help you reconsidering your intention to establish a business and reveal weak points in it.

    Rather Yes Rather No
1. Are you able to establish and maintain customer relations?
2. Can you set up plans ?
3. Will your spouse/partner and your family encourage your intention to set up a business?
4. Do you dispose of a financial bolster to assure maintenance for you and your family in the first few months?
5. Are you skilled in your trade and do you dispose of the prerequisites required by law for business promoters in your line (e.g. master craftsman's diploma, professional degree)?
6. If so: Are you able to win recognition in the market against competitors?
7. There are partners involved: Are you sure that your future partners and yourself will come to an understanding with regard to the management of the business?
8. Do you know whether or not the prospective trade is subject to authorization?
9. Are you aware of all registration formalities and permits required?
10. Did you think about what to do to make your services particular and distinct from your competitor's?
11. Will the market in the future stay susceptive for the scope of service you offer?
12. Do you know your prospective customer groups?
13. Are future competitors and their strengths and weaknesses known to you?
14. Are you aware of the general terms and conditions in your trade?
15. Do you know what public grants and subsidies you may benefit from (in particular those for the newly established federal states)?